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Please report any bugs or feature requests on our forum.


The Ask Mr. Robot addon adds a lot of convenient functionality to the website (https://www.askmrrobot.com).


Character Export

Export everything about your character from the game to our website. This is the best way to load your character for use with any feature, highly recommended as a replacement for using the battle.net API (formerly called the "Armory").


Character Import

After you have done optimizations via the Gear Check or Best in Bags features on our website, you can import the results back into the game and conveniently manage your sets of gear.


Shopping List

After importing optimizations, you can get a combined shopping list of all the gems, enchants, and enchanting materials that you need to optimize your characters.


Junk List

Import a list of gear from our website using the Worst in Bags feature, then use the in-game junk list feature to easily vendor or scrap all of the items that you no longer need.


Combat Logging

Using the combat logging tab of the addon to easily turn on/off combat logging automatically whenever you enter/exit a raid. Note that this is just a convenience for generating the log file, you will then have to upload that file to your favorite log analysis website to see interesting stats and things about your log.