1,285 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 28, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3

Artool is a simple addon that makes your game's interface art more in to a legion theme. We are looking for help with update for more advanced options.


I am a graphic designer and interface is very important for me. I like to keep it simple, but I never been happy about old gryphones, so the idea was to make a addon that replace a old art to a new one. For now we have legion theme. In future I'm planning to make this one more advanced and a horde theme too. With a panel for easy change. Today this addon is very simple.


I wish to change more parts of interface, but it is hard to find a right way ;) My and me friend who did the programming - we are beginners of making addones - If you have any suggestions, go for it - help us make it more advanced.


After adding it to a interface folder you will get a new look automatically with actionbars, minimap and your character profile. This addon is very light 0KB ;) And it works well with addones like nMainbar etc.


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