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Classic BCC addon for arena history and statistics

Report issues here.

ArenaStats tries to record every arena joined and compiles statistics. Heavily inspired by Battlegrounds Historian TBC, which doesn't seem to release arena support for now.

Responds to console with /arenastats or /as and a minimap button.


  • Record played arena statistics
  • Display summarised arena history in a table
  • Exportable data into csv format (which can easily be used for advanced statistics)


You can paste your export string in the ArenaStats Visualizer tool. You can contribute to improve the visulizer tool here.



  • Add a setting to disable the recording of skirmishes (suggested by @TheDonkeyPower) Done! (added filters on ranked/skirm)
  • Show who won a skirmish Done!
  • Detect spec

In game gui:

  • Add tooltip on hover on class to display name/race Done!
  • Filter on bracker type Done!


  • Add csv column for bracket type The ArenaStats Visualizer is now available!
  • Provide a csv sheet with prepared graphs in which we can paste our data

Known issues

  • If you quit the arena and there is still someone of your team alive, the arena won't be recorded (stay until the scoreboard shows or quit only if you are the last one alive).
  • Sometimes player names are not recorded Fixed
  • Sometimes data is not correctly reset between games and there are ghost players added to the arena or timers are wrong Fixed
  • If a player gets disconnected at the end of the arena it records twice the arena match (reported by @Lilianos)

List of fields available at CSV export for each Arena match

isRanked, startTime, endTime, zoneId, duration, teamName, teamPlayerName1, teamPlayerName2, teamPlayerName3, teamPlayerName4, teamPlayerName5, teamPlayerClass1, teamPlayerClass2, teamPlayerClass3, teamPlayerClass4, teamPlayerClass5, teamPlayerRace1, teamPlayerRace2, teamPlayerRace3, teamPlayerRace4, teamPlayerRace5, oldTeamRating, newTeamRating, diffRating, mmr, enemyOldTeamRating, enemyNewTeamRating, enemyDiffRating, enemyMmr, enemyTeamName, enemyPlayerName1, enemyPlayerName2, enemyPlayerName3, enemyPlayerName4, enemyPlayerName5, enemyPlayerClass1, enemyPlayerClass2, enemyPlayerClass3, enemyPlayerClass4, enemyPlayerClass5, enemyPlayerRace1, enemyPlayerRace2, enemyPlayerRace3, enemyPlayerRace4, enemyPlayerRace5, enemyFaction


You can help this project by adding translations and reporting issues.