ArenaMaster PvP Inspect


ArenaMaster PvP Inspect AddOn


This is a utility addon for the ArenaMaster web app: https://arenamaster.io. By installing this addon, you'll be able to easily check any player's arena and rbg experience without having to leave the game.

Unit Frame Hover

You can hover over a player's unit frame in the open world and see at a glance the highest 2v2, 3v3 and rbg rating they've achieved on the character, or the overall best rating if the player has an ArenaMaster account. With the new addon version, you can see even more PvP info, like current season performance, account achievements, and overall character stats like versatility and health.

ArenaMaster.IO Unit Frame Hover


With the new update you can control which info you're interested in seeing when in the open world / LFG and you also have a separate config for when you're in arenas or battlegrounds.

Type /ampvp in chat to bring up the settings interface.

ArenaMaster.IO Tooltip Settings

Battle.net Friends Hover

You can also hover over your Battle.net friends list and quickly determine the experience of your friend's currently played character. Combine this with in-game notes for your friends and a couple of useful addons like Friend List Colors and Friend Groups and your friend list suddenly becomes a more personal LFG experience.

ArenaMaster.IO BattleNet Hover

LFG Hovers

Whether you're creating a group or applying to someone else's, the ArenaMaster addon is here to help you determine the right fit as fast as possible.

As a group owner

When reviewing group applications, quickly check the experience level to determine a potential match, before going to the website to see their full profile info.

ArenaMaster.IO Group Owner Hover

Applying to groups

When applying to groups, you can check the experience of the group owner.

ArenaMaster.IO Group Application Hover

Copy ArenaMaster Profile

In addition, you can right-click any character's unit frame to get their ArenaMaster Profile URL where you can see their full PvP information including current rating, win rates, gear, talents, achievements and much more.

Apart from unit frames, you can get the link from anywhere in-game by right-clicking the names in whispers, guild chat, LFG and other places.

The URL is already selected. All you have to do is CTRL + C the link and paste it in your browser of choice to get directly to their ArenaMaster Profile.

ArenaMaster.IO Tooltip Hover


If you're using the Twitch app to manage your addons, open the app and navigate to the Mods -> Get More Addons section where you can find the addon by name.

In case you prefer to download the zip and unpack it in your addons directory yourself, click the Download from CurseForge

Make sure to keep an eye out for updates and update when available. As the web app and addon are in the early stages, there is a chance you'll encounter players that have no data you can view with the addon. You can visit their ArenaMaster profiles in order to add them to our database, and their character data will be available in-game on the next update.

As more players start to use the web app, the data will be updated more frequently and the addon will become more and more useful.


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