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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.0


Sep 11, 2018

Owner: imedia

Arena Team Tracker  - Tracks and shows all cooldowns of your party (team) members.
-intended for PVP but can also be used in PVE, inspired by the old Party Ability Bars (PAB).

/att - Opens the option tab with settings and ability editor.



  • Tracks all cooldowns of your party (team) members.
  • Support for PvP Trinket with racials cooldown share such as Every Man For Himself, Stoneform and WotF. 
  • Cooldown sync between the players if your teammates are using this addon aswell. (BETA)
  • Scans for your party specs and you can add specific spells for certain specs if you like.
  • Attach cooldown frames to original Blizzard raid frames. It will detect the position with blizz UI.
  • Show your own cooldowns (for testing and setup of the addon).
  • Grow left/right, so you can place icons to the left side or right side from party/raid frames.
  •  Show the dampening % in arena under the remaining time. (NEW in v3.0)
  •  Adds arena target number over enemy nameplates. (NEW in v3.0) - removed in v4.5+.
  •  Show the spells you are tracking on Two Rows (saves some screen space). (NEW in v3.3)



  • You have to specify correct Name + Spell ID + CD so addon will work correctly and detect the right icon.
  • If you are getting any errors please report them under Issues tab on curseforge addon project page.
  • To find Spell ID go to and search for the spell you want to add, the ID will be in the link (example: , 61295 is the Spell ID for Riptide)

To Do:

  •  fix spells with charges (like "Survival Instincts") as they are dynamic cooldowns with hard to track conditions (fixed in v3.6 - 2 charges only)
  •  add support for all pvp LOC trinkets (new in v4.8)
  •  add spell modifiers (especially for paladins)
  •  check if spell/talent is active/selected. 
  •  more testing, rewrite and clean the code

If you want to help with future development and updates any support is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

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