Ardent Defender

Ardent Defender is an addon designed to help Protection Paladins.

It provides several functions which I found useful as a Tankadin,
and hope someone else finds them useful as well.

Ardent Defender will:

  • - Announces when Ardent Defender proc's and saves your life, as well as flashing your screen and shaking it to alert you to the averted death.
  • - Detects and tells you when someone causes a parry on an NPC you are tanking. Also tells you if you cause a parry on an NPC someone else is tanking.
  • - Announces bubblewall usage (when it activates and when it fades)
  • - Announce if your taunt fails (and why) or if your Avenger Shield misses.
  • - Tracks combat stats such as damage received, damage blocked, damage absorbed.
  • - Makes use of LibDataBroker if you have it, to display combat stats and Ardent Defender info.. see screenshots to see what I mean.
  • - Tracks & Whispers on usage: Hand of Protection, Sacrifice, Salvation,
    Freedom. also Divine Sacrifice, Divine Intervention and Lay On Hands.
  • - (Disabled by default) Can annoy you with red screen slashing if Righteous Fury is not active AND you are currently wearing defense gear.
  • - Will not announce or track any of the above while in a Battleground, but will work normally while in an Arena.
  • - The LDB object displays combat statistics such as how much damage you have absorbed, blocked and received, how many times (since reload)
    Ardent Defender has saved your life, as well as how much Ardent Defender will heal you upon proc, how much damage Divine Sacrifice absorbs, and more..

Feel free to leave good or bad comments. I will take reasonable requests under consideration.

Type "/ad" to bring up the Options panel, or left click the LDB object.