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This AddOn adds a line to item tooltips which displays collection information about the item's appearance.

'Collected' in green means the item's appearance is in your collection.
'Collectable' in yellow means the item's appearance is not in your collection, but is collectable by your current character.
'Not collectable on ...' in red means the item's appearance is neither in your collection nor collectable by your current class or character.

If you encounter issues please don't hesitate to report them in comments or on GitHub

New in 1.0.6

Added PvP item information into T4, T5 and T6 tier token tooltips.
Note that for T6 non-set pieces (i.e. wrist, waist and feet) the PvP item whose information is displayed is that which matches the PvP set in appearance, e.g. Vindicator's Chain for Hunters.