Anti Wand of Lightning Shield

1,473 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 1, 2015 Game Version: 6.0.3

This addon is designed mainly for Multiboxers who PvP on the Ashran Island introduced in WoD, it will constantly check your raid group for the Wand of Lightning Shield debuff and warn you when it's found.

The WoLS debuff will do 50,000+ damage per second, for 15 seconds, to all enemies of the caster within 8 yards of the character with the debuff. This is a bane for Multiboxers and if it's not dispelled or countered within a couple of seconds then it will more than likely wipe your raid group due to how slaves/minions stack.

The addon has the below options:

  • Display a Raid Warning when the debuff is found on any raid member (customizable message)
  • Mark the Raid Frame by placing a red X over anyone with the debuff.
  • Flash your screen while the debuff is on any raid member.
  • Check raid pets for the debuff and mark them with the blue square raid marker.
  • Check your current enemy target for the buff and marks them with the skull raid marker.
  • Scan Rate slider, allows control over the check interval to decrease/increase performance.

Every option is enabled by default and you should use the in-game addon menu to configure the addon. There is a Test Mode button in the addon UI which will allow you to trigger a visual test of your chosen options.


Version 1.7 and onward also warns you if the spell Jailer's Judgment is used on any raid member. This spell can be cast by Paladins and will apply a 6 second stun before teleporting the victim to a jail within the Ashran BG instance, this happens even if you're not in the BG instance or queued for it. This spell is represented on the raid frame with a purple diamond marker and should be dispelled.


The addon is lightweight, has a small memory footprint and shouldn't have any noticeable impact on performance.

  • I don't have a 40 man raid group and an endless supply of wands at my disposal for testing, if you have any issues then please message me and I will fix them ASAP; a big thanks goes out to Prepared on Darkspear-US for his vigorous testing.


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