Always show raid/party frames even when not in a group and increases the number of buffs you can see at once.

Enhance your raid and party frame experience with the "Always Show Raid/Party Frames" AddOn. This lightweight solution ensures that raid and party frames remain visible at all times, even when you're not currently grouped with others. Additionally, it expands the number of buffs you can simultaneously view on your unit frames, providing crucial information at a glance.

Features offered by the project:

  • Persistent Raid/Party Frames: Never lose sight of your raid or party frames, whether you're adventuring solo or in a group. The AddOn overrides default behavior to keep these frames displayed, enhancing your situational awareness.
  • Increased Buff Visibility: Expand the number of buffs visible on your unit frames, allowing you to monitor important buffs and debuffs more effectively during encounters.

How those features affect a user's experience:

  • Improved Group Awareness: With raid and party frames always visible, you can maintain awareness of your group's status, even during solo play. This ensures you're ready to react swiftly when joining or leaving a group.
  • Enhanced Combat Readiness: By increasing the number of buffs you can see, the AddOn empowers you to make informed decisions in combat. You can quickly assess your character's status and react strategically to changing circumstances, ultimately improving your performance in encounters.