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AltVault v2.1.8


Unfortunately, I will be unable to make any further feature updates for the rest of the year. I hope to be able to make more time to update the addon in 2024.  With the announcement of Warbands coming in the next expansion, I'll also need to re-evaluate some of the planned features (reputations, currencies, etc) depending on what will be made account wide.

Thank you so much for using AltVault!


AltVault allows you to get information about all of your saved alts at a glance. 

You can view AltVault by typing "/av" or by clicking the minimap icon.


Character Information

  • Name
  • Faction
  • Server
  • Gold
  • Rested XP
  • Mail
  • Can afford WoW Token

Global Information

  • Number of Alts
  • Total Played time
  • Total Gold

Character Detail

You can also see more detailed information about individual alts, including:

  • Level (% XP)
  • Race
  • Spec
  • Equipped Gear
  • Item Level
  • Time Played / Last login info
  • Guild Name / Rank / Member Count
  • PvP info
  • Mythic + Info
  • Bag Contents
  • Bank Contents
  • Guild Bank Contents
  • Container Search
  • Profession Stats
  • Profession Recipes / Details
  • Profession Gear
  • Item Stacks in tooltip

Future Additions

Planned future additions include:

  • More options for sorting character list
  • Improvement of Guild Bank / Cross Server item info / tooltips

Please comment on any additions you would like to have added, and thank you for using AltVault!