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AltVault allows you to get information about all of your saved alts at a glance. The information is integrated into the default Collections manager, so you can find it in the same place as your Mounts, Pets, Appearances, etc.

You can view AltVault by typing "/av" or by clicking the minimap icon.


Character Information

  •  Name
  •  Faction
  •  Server
  •  Gold
  •  Rested XP
  •  Mail
  •  Can afford WoW Token

Global Information

  •  Number of Alts
  •  Total Played time
  •  Total Gold


Character Detail

You can also see more detailed information about individual alts, including:

  •  Level (% XP)
  •  Race
  •  Spec
  •  Equipped Gear
  •  Item Level
  •  Individual Played Time
  •  Guild Name / Rank
  •  Basic PvP info
  •  Bag Contents
  •  Bank Contents
  •  Guild Bank Contents
  •  Container Search
  •  Professions


Future Additions

Planned future additions include:

  • Character reputations
  • Character currencies
  • Covenant / Soulbind Info (maybe)

Please comment on any additions you would like to have added, and thank you for using AltVault!


******************** NOTE FOR EXISTING USERS ********************

Due to the restructure of the addon in version 1.5.0 some steps may need to be taken for existing users:

1. DELETE the AltVaultData addon

2. Rename "AltVaultData" to "AltVault" for the following files:

  • World Of Warcraft/_retail_/WTF/Account/{YOUR ACCOUNT}/SavedVariables/AltVaultData.lua
  • World Of Warcraft/_retail_/WTF/Account/{YOUR ACCOUNT}/SavedVariables/AltVaultData.lua.bak



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