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AltVault v2.1.4


AltVault allows you to get information about all of your saved alts at a glance. 

You can view AltVault by typing "/av" or by clicking the minimap icon.


Character Information

  • Name
  • Faction
  • Server
  • Gold
  • Rested XP
  • Mail
  • Can afford WoW Token

Global Information

  • Number of Alts
  • Total Played time
  • Total Gold


Character Detail

You can also see more detailed information about individual alts, including:

  • Level (% XP)
  • Race
  • Spec
  • Equipped Gear
  • Item Level
  • Time Played / Last login info
  • Guild Name / Rank / Member Count
  • PvP info
  • Mythic + Info
  • Bag Contents
  • Bank Contents
  • Guild Bank Contents
  • Container Search
  • Profession Stats
  • Profession Recipes / Details
  • Profession Gear
  • Item Stacks in tooltip


Future Additions

Planned future additions include:

  • Character reputations
  • Character currencies
  • More options for sorting character list


Please comment on any additions you would like to have added, and thank you for using AltVault!