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We all love Altoholic, right?
But it has some little things here and there that not allow it to be perfect.
So I have my little annoyance in it - the counter lines in tooltips for items so generic that you are guaranteed to have one on each character. Like Hearthstones.
That's why I made some adjustments to Altoholic to fix it. After around 6 months of using the code myself I present it to the general public.

This little addon makes tooltip lines with item counts disappear on items of your choice (Hearthstones are in there by default).

Available options:

  • Hiding Darkmoon guide counter
  • Personal list of unwanted items - hides counts for all items listed
    Opening config:
  • Go to Esc - Settings - AddOns - Altoholic Count Hider
  • type /altcount
    If you are willing to have different set of rules for different characters, profile system is at your service.

Known issues:
Blacklist is not affecting gear on your character screen. Also not immediately applying to gear you just took of.

Support is provided via ticket system.