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This is a simple addon which allows for the identification of alts when they're using guild chat. This is done with the name of the known main being displayed alongside the name of the alt.

The 'link' between alts and mains is determined simply by what is in the guild Note of a toon. The addon only looks at the first 2 words of this Note to form the connection.

This connection comes in 3 possible permutations. For example...


Arjenne's Alt

Luka's Main

The 3rd permutation here is only useful if a well-known person has recently changed who their main toon is.

There is no need to sync any changes with anyone else. All changes to the Note field are immediate as of the next time that person speaks in guild chat.


  • /altchat - Access the Options screen
  • /altchat PlayerName ClassName - For toon names which cannot be matched natively to their class colour