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Are you a Mythic+ enthusiast with multiple characters and alts to manage?
With AlterEgo, you'll gain unparalleled control and insight into your Mythic+ progress, rating, item levels, and Great Vault rewards for all your characters.

When it comes to Mythic+ dungeons, AlterEgo is your trusty sidekick. It provides you with detailed information about your highest Mythic+ key levels completed on each character, making it a breeze to identify your progress across your roster.

AlterEgo also offers an optional easy-to-read grid overview of your raid progress on all your characters. Quickly identify which bosses you've successfully defeated and where you might need to focus your efforts. Never lose track of your achievements in the raiding world with this feature.

We understand that every player has unique needs and preferences. That's why we've included a range of customizable options, allowing you to tailor the data displayed and the colors used to your liking. With AlterEgo, your WoW experience becomes more personalized and efficient.

Download AlterEgo today and take control of your gaming experience like never before!


  • Track data for all of your characters across realms and factions.
  • Track all of your Mythic+ ratings and season bests.
  • Track all of your Mythic+ levels for each affix.
  • Track all of your Mythic+ keystone items.
  • Track all of your Raid lockouts and kills.
  • Track all of your seasonal currencies, such as crests and flightstones.
  • Track your Great Vault progress and get notified of available Great Vault rewards.
  • Track and view equipped items on all of your characters.
  • Get a fantastic overview of everything in a big datagrid.
  • Customize the grid with filters, sorting, colors and other settings.
  • Show the weekly Affix schedule for the entire season.
  • Teleport to the dungeons by clicking the dungeon names.
  • Announce instance resets to your party/raid.
  • Announce your keystones to your party/guild.
  • Automatically announce newly looted keystones to your party.

Slash Commands

  • /alterego (or /ae) - shows/hides the main window


Your feedback is invaluable and instrumental in making AlterEgo the best it can be.
If you come across any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Video Spotlight

Here's an addon spotlight published by Sunshade on YouTube:

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