Already Known?

160,866 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 1, 2021 Game Version: 9.0.5

Already Known?


Puts green, blue, yellow, cyan or purple tint on already known scrolls/pets/other learnable items on vendors and AH.

Simple and small addon to color already known items on vendor and AH frames. Works at least on profession designs/patterns/etc, garrison plans, toys, mounts, pets and equipment blueprints.

Default color is green, but try /alreadyknown or /ak ingame to change the tint color.


Known issues:

  • Designs/patterns/etc of already known companion pets/mounts are shown as known even if they aren't Fixed in 1.12!
  • Quest based items (like equipment blueprints) - at the moment at least - has to be hard coded into addon, please let me know if you run into yet unsupported quest items sold by vendors.


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