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Welcome To AllyRoute

AllyRoute is an In-game Alliance leveling guide for World of Warcraft: Classic.
It's based on Varrak's Dwarf Hunter speedrun. You can watch his run HERE.
AllyRoute was written, made and published by MakeACube (myself).



Why AllyRoute ?

Simplicity is the main pillar of AllyRoute.
It's exactly was it says it is: Alliance leveling ROUTE.

It won't bore you with walls of text describing how to do your "Kill 10 Boars" quest.
Instead, AllyRoute uses simple and straight to the point instructions.

And if you need help finding Boars for your "Kill 10 Boars" quest:
- You can visit (which is the website version of this guide). Click on the quest name to open it's details in a new tab.
- You can use an In-game Addon that shows your quests objectives on the map (Like Questie).

AllyRoute is simply here to make sure you aren't wasting time running in circles.



How to Use ?

After installing the Addon, AllyRoute window will be at the center of your screen.
Position and Scale the window as you want then click the [Lock] button.
This will lock the window's position and hide the [Lock] and [-] [+] scale buttons.

Click the [X] button to hide AllyRoute window when you don't need it.

To Show or Unlock the window again, type /ar or /allyroute in chat.
(If the window is hidden and you type /ar, this means you want to show it.
If the window is shown and you type /ar, this means you want to unlock it.)




Both the Addon and the website follow the exact same steps and text format.
So when you get stuck in a step In-game, jump to the website to that exact step to find all the details you need.

Visit us at


Note about the Website: As of Nov 2020, the website is down due to payment issues (thanks COVID-19!).
Since Classic is at the end of it's life span and Classic TBC will very likely be annouced soon, I decided to discontinue hosting the website.
The Addon will always be available here.

Thank you all for using AllyRoute. King's honor friend!


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