# AllTheMogs
World of Warcraft Addon to check all the Transmogrifications available in game
Works on Classic (Era, Hardcore and SoD), Wrath of the Lich King Classic, and Retail

## Main UI Features

Minimap button to open the Mogs UI, with the list of all different appearances available in game :
- List of appearances for each type of armor or weapon

With AllTheThings (ATT) addon installed, you can also see :
- Visual indicators of appearance source (Quest, Loot, Craft, PvP ...)
- Visual indicators of appearance info (Removed with Patch, Bind on Equip ...)
- Hyperlinks of Items sharing the same appearance
- Completion status

## Tooltip Features
- Unique or Shared Appearances info
- List of Items names

With ATT installed :
- Source and Appearance info
- Completion status