Ahoy! Island Expedition Helper

97,616 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 2, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1

[Patch 8.1 News]


The monsters you slay on an island no longer matter, the island will reward you at the end based on whatever mobs were spawned, wether you killed them or not. Player control on loot is 100% RNG now.



Splash Screen

Will help you

- Keeps score on the type of mobs that you and your team kill;

- Show you a list of possible item rewards from that mob type, or the mob you're currently targeting;

- Display the rewards you got at the end, without having to wait for the default Blizzard UI to finish its animations;

- Also tracks the number of Rare mobs you and your team killed.


Ahoy Help Frame


[Clarifying the Map Icons]

I added these map icons on the island map when you open it, but I haven't had time to add an ingame legend yet as to what they represent.


pirate skullWhen an island expedition starts, a rare mob will always spawn at the start, and it will be in one of the 2 or 3 spots on the map indicated by the pirate skulls. You'll want to check those spots at the start, since the rare will be from the invasion pool, not native (so loot worthy)

(credit for supplying these map coords goes to : u/ikzme )


CaveThe cave icon will show you the location where a very rare rare mob may spawn, so it's good to check out. Not all of the caves are added yet, so if you know some that can spawn these rares, comment below with coords or something.

(credit for supplying these map coords goes to : u/Albinofreaken )


[Current Unknown Item Drops]

  1. Stinkrot Smasher
  2. Plundered Essence Font Scepter
  3. Plundered Seacrystal Blade
  4. Plundered Ice-Etched Axe
  5. Plundered Death Chatter Wand
  6. Plundered Torga Blessed Bulwark
  7. Plundered Waterbearer's Staff
  8. Plundered Tenderizing Crusher
  9. Plundered Horn Pummeler
  10. Plundered Heart Hacker
  11. Plundered Crag Basher
  12. Plundered Beacon-Light Bulwark
  13. Plundered Fireheart Pummeler
  14. Plundered Flamecaster Stave
  15. Plundered Longhunt Bow
  16. Plundered Barb-Edged Dagger
  17. Plundered Biting Shot Longbow
  18. Plundered Dragonfist Wand
  19. Plundered Petrified Kelp Blade
  20. Plundered Sandstone Gavel

[Help Collect Data]

Currently working on a system where you can paste what the addon tells you when you get a missing item into a discord channel, and a bot picks it up and adds it to a statistics database.

The system isn't in yet but feel free to join the discord channel if you want to report stuff manually.



[ Patch 8.1 ]

- Currently collecting NPC's from PTR

- There seem to be new NPC's added to existing pool, as well as new categories:

  • Necromancers (Havenswood natives)
  • Taunka
  • A new type of azerite elemental
  • Dark Iron Demolishers
  • Foxes
  • Feral Worgen
  • Bats

Their loot is yet unknown, and will take a while after 8.1 goes live till we can get some statistics.


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