Afterlife Crowd Control

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Afterlife Crowd Control

Whats this addon do?

Afterlife Crowd Control is a World of Warcraft addon designed to monitor your crowd controls in and outside a party, and your party/raid members assigned target crowd controls.  This is an invaluable addon for raid leaders and tanks who need to keep track of the many possible crowd control targets in a party or raid, for example, as a tank you can see which target will expire first allowing you to be there ready to pick the target up.


  • List all the controlled targets in your party or raid, including the person who controlled the target.
  • 3D target frame for your own personal crowd control including time remaining.
  • Move/resize Timer bars showing party/raid controlled targets and their durations.
  • Visual / Audio warnings when your personal crowd controlled target breaks.
  • Batman style popup when your target breaks.
  • Announce to your party or raid when your you apply and renew your crowd controls, and when your target breaks.
  • Announce to your party or raid the last 15 seconds remaining on your controlled target.
  • Announce when you interrupt a cast.
  • Support for Diminish Returns in PvP and Arena

    ..and much more!

Need a video demonstration?
You can see a demonstration video here

Hunters - please note
For hunters, target the mob you intend to trap before placing down/throwing your trap - this will assign your 3D target.  If you do not select your target first before using the trap then you will not see the 3D target frame, but the timers will perform normally and any break alerts will work as normal.  If you would like to see a demonstration of this, please see this video.

For options, type /afterlife in game
If you need to reset the bar group locations to their default positions you can type /afterlife reset

Contacting Me
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