Adventure Guide Lockouts

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Adventure Guide Lockouts is a lightweight World of Warcraft add-on that tracks instances lockouts in the Adventure Guide.

The add-on displays small flags next to the buttons of saved instances. Each difficulty of an instance will have a dedicated flag, displaying details such as available and killed bosses. Tracking is also available for world bosses and LFR.

The add-on allows players to check lockouts at a glance by placing information that is inconvenient to reach to a frequently accessed interface panel. This information is especially useful when deciding which group to join in the Premade Groups tool or when farming transmog in legacy content.


Adventure Guide Lockouts is a fork and continuation of Adventure Guide Saved Instances.

To help and contribute to the add-on, open an issue on GitHub when a bug is discovered, so it could be fixed as soon as possible. Your help is really appreciated.

Special thanks to the former author of wago.io for all his precious help.