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AdiBags - TradeableLoot


Tested on Wrath classic only, but maybe works for retail version too

This plugin is aimed to help a masterlooter filter out BoE and items with a loot Timer in their own sections.


Without this filter, items to distribute later that you masterloot to yourself to distribute later are put under "recent items" and later placed with your personal items. They can be difficult to find. I decided to write a plugin so they're in their own 2 categories: BoE (1) and other items with a remaining Timer (2).

Picture: Tradeable gloves (1+2) gets put in with pair of gloves that are not tradeable. With the filter (3) the tradeable item gets put in a new Timer category


Example of problem and fix


View of bags with filter: recipes and bind on equip items in BoE (1), items with a loot timer in Timer (2)