Achieve Channels 2

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Jul 10, 2012

Owner: chaoslux

This is a new and updated version of an old addon of mine from 3 years ago.

Addon Use:

This addon will send messages when you earn achievements the same way they appear in guild chat, to any custom channel that you want it to appear to.It will also take care of filtering out those messages sent so you dont see your own achievements a million times every time. The first achievement you gain on any character will not be filtered.
Command Line function: /ac or /achievechannel

Changes from AchieveChannel:

  • Can specify different settings for different channels
  • Can send achievement links in the messages.
  • Ability to announce only certain achievements.
  • Dynamic option menu.



  • Updated for 5.4.8
  • Fixed issue with filtering the addon's messages on Connected Realms
  • Fixed a variable from being leaked into Global
  • Miscellaneous coding changes.


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