AceBIS (Best In Slot(BiS) Ranks on Tooltips for TBC)

8,444 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 8, 2022 Game Version: 2.5.4  

AceBIS shows ranks of a weapon/armor of the BIS list on tooltips.

It gives you the rank of the item that is sorted by below links


Thank Fazers sharing the raw data with me, we'll start using the data he maintains from v2.0.0


Migrated the Paper Doll window from BiSTracker. 

Copied most of the paperdoll part from BiSTracker, 

big thanks to the project owner, Zentarg, and other contributors.


"/acebis|/ab" to toggle the gears window

"/acebis options|/ab options" to open options window 




For v1.0

Credit(P2 updated):


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