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This library provides 5 AceGUI widgets that look like ActionButton and provide the same drag-and-drop features.

These widgets are intended to be used with AceConfig-3.0 input options.

The widgets are 5 variants accepting diffrent kind of actions:

  • ActionSlotItem : action slot accepting only items,
  • ActionSlotSpell : action slot accepting only spells,
  • ActionSlotMacro : action slot accepting only macros,
  • ActionSlotItem : action slot accepting only equipment sets.
  • ActionSlot : generic action slot accepting all four preceding types of action.

User interactions

The user can drag a spell, item, macro or equipment set from any place and drop it on the widget.

It is possible to drag the current action from the widget.

Clicking the widget with right mouse button clears the current assigned action.


Widget API
AceConfig-3.0 How-To