Accurate coordinates (DCOORDS)

301,145 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 12, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

DCoords v4.x

DCoords is a lightweight location & coordinates addon which:

  1. A customisable location / coordinates bar for your main UI
  2. Customisable location / coordinates for your minimap
  3. Worldmap player and mouse pointer coordinates
  4. Drag, scale, height adjust and alpha/opacity adjust of the Objectives Tracker
  5. Centering of common windows / popups (see options > other menu)
  6. Enable the dragging of common windows / popups (see options > other menu)


Settings / Options / Menus
To open DCoords settings you can do one of the following:

  • Right click on the coordinates bar
  • Type /dc menu
  • Press ESC > Click INTERFACE > Click ADDONS > Click DCoords


Want to see just the numbers on the main bar?
Untick show zone and sub zone.


Want to move the coordinates bar?
Hold SHIFT + LEFT CLICK and DRAG, or adjust in settings.


Want to move the objectives tracker?
Hold SHIFT + LEFT CLICK and DRAG. Make sure you enable this feature first in settings.


Want to adjust the settings (on/off, fonts, colour, location etc) of in the main Coordinates Bar?
Right click the coordinates bar to enter options and click on "Coordinates".


 Want to hide, turn off or adjust the Minimap location bar settings?
Right click the coordinates bar to enter options and click on the "Minimap" option from the left menu.


Want to lower the load on your computer? or to change how often the coordinates update?
Right click the coordinates bar to enter options and select "Other" from the left menu.


Thanks for letting me know about bugs, please keep doing so, often I don't get the same results on my wow client due to me constantly re-loading and testing each change I make. But please note, when reporting a bug, let me know your settings, what you have turned on, background, zone, sub zone etc) and where the bug occurs and if possible what you do to get the bug, this will help me work out where the problem is.



  • Install the addon via the curse client.
  • While in game type /DC RESET to reset the addon.
  • Go to menu by typing /DC menu and ensure "coordinates visible" is ticked and adjust sliders to zero, set alignment to "Bottom left"
  • If you get an error like unknown command when typing /dc reset then you haven't installed the addon correctly.
  • If you still dont see the addon after typing /dc reset and no error is returned, then it may be another addon messing with the addon or your version of wow is not playing well with it.



Like the addon? Wish to show your support?
Any donationations are appreciated to:






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