This addon will print and speak details of battlenet friends that have logged on and print and speak the online guild member details on-demand.  This is intended to help those that can't utilize the built-in battlenet friend system or the guild roster.



/as enable - enable printing and tts for this addon

/as disable - disable printing and tts for this addon


/as guild - print and tts the currently online guild members' details with a number to identify them

/as inviteguildie # - use the number from /as guild to invite that guild member to a group


/as friends - print and tts your battle.net friends list.  Includes online and offline friends with a number to identify them, along with what app they are using and their character name if applicable

/as invitebnet # - use the number from /as friends to invite a friend that is online in World of Warcraft to a group