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Blizzard recently changed the way items are destroyed.

Now each item to be destroyed requires a button press.

You can spam delete and it will still delete but now it will not delete all in one go.

This is still preferable to having to type delete for each item.


New bulk add buttons have been added to your dungeon guide. 

Please note the Adventure Guide is not available in Classic or BC.

Aardvark is a farming/bag management addon that will auto allow you to auto repair, sell and destroy items each time you visit a vendor.


Aardvark Repair will auto repair when you visit a vendor that can repair.

You can choose to repair using your own gold or guild funds, (if you are guild repair enabled), and you can choose a number of message options.


Aardvark Sell will allow you to sell items that you have added to your global and character sell lists, this can be automated to sell when you click on a vendor.


Aardvark Destroy will destroy all items on your global and character destroy lists, this can no longer be automated but one click will destroy all the items on your destroy lists.

Aardvark 4 Classic still can auto destroy.


Drag & drop, or click & drop, items onto the Aardvark button, and they will be added to the correct list.

Items that can be sold will be added to your sell list, and items that have no value will be added to your destroy list.

By default grey items will auto sell if they can be, so they will not be added to your sell list.

Items that have no value will be added to your destroy list.


Aardvark Destroy will destroy all items on your destroy lists

No more hunting and pecking, no more typing DELETE each time you pick up another Blue Qiraji Resonating Crystal in AQ40.

You can check your lists and remove items by clicking on them or you can left-click the clean buttons to wipe the list and start again.

You can also choose to run the destroy function even when you are not at a vendor.

Aardvark Destroy function will destroy any item that you have added to your destroy list regardless of bind, amount, rarity or colour.
An item that is destroyed cannot be recovered unless you go and farm it again.

Aardvark Protect will ensure that items you add to your global and character lists will not be sold or deleted regardless of which list the item is on.

You can now add items to any list ignoring all list conditions through the special add page.

You can also now add items by their item ID number for items you have not yet encountered.

Further information and a lot of silly words can be found here;
Aardvark F&Q

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I am still a newb when it comes to coding and this is my very first addon, so my code is undoubtedly very messy, overly verbose and more than likely very inefficient.
I will continue to refine and reduce the code in each update and would love to get some feedback and help with localisations. 


After many queries and messages, I have set up PayPal and Patreon accounts to accept donations.