You like using Azeroth Auction Assassin? But all your favorite items are in a TSM group? Then this is the solution. You select your favorite TSM group from the dropdown and it will give you the items JSON for monitoring in AAA. Or you can paste your items string in the edit box. You can choose the discount and the price source for calculation of the price limit to receive your notifications.


AAATransformer is a simple addon that taps into pricing data from different addons to provide the price limits for the AAA items JSON for sniping monitoring. At least one of the dependent addons must be installed for it to function properly. Open its configuration pane with '/aaat' to adjust the pricing methodology used.

To calculate your limits, simply open the addon pane, select your TSM group from the dropdown and hit Tranform. The JSON for AAA will be displayed immediately.

Supported price sources

  • TradeSkillMaster
  • Oribos Exchange
  • Auctionator


  • Transform your TSM group to an AAA items JSON for monitoring
  • Transform your items string to an AAA items JSON for monitoring
  • Localizations for enUS and deDE (Help for more localizations is welcome)


You can open the addon configuration in several different ways:

  • Type /aaat to open the config pane
  • Click the minimap button, click the LDB display
  • Locate the 'AAATransformer' section within the Blizzard Interface -> Addon options


If you encounter any problems, please open an issue on Github. I'll get to it ASAP.


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