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Jan 19, 2017

Owner: diablast

Ever wanted to make World of Tanks less immersive? Well this is the perfect skin pack for you! This pack focuses on all the Premium Tanks in the United Kingdom (British) tree. There are four categories of Premium tanks I made: Common, Rare, Epic, and Artifact tanks. Common tanks are tanks that you can buy straight from the store or with gold. Rare tanks are tanks that where once in an event. Epic tanks are Premium tanks that are earned through clan wars or missions. Last but not least we have Artifact tanks, tanks that can no longer be obtained. 


Each of the four categories has their own color scheme attached to it. 

-Common Tanks have a Green Body, Green Turrent, Green Chasis, Gold Gun, and Gold Tracks.

-Rare Tanks have a Blue Body, Blue Turrent, Blue Chasis, Gold Gun, and Gold Tracks.

-Epic Tanks have a Gold Body, Gold Turrent, Gold Chasis, Silver Gun, and Silver Tracks.

-Artifact Tanks have a Silver Body, Silver Turrent, Silver Chasis, Gold Gun, and Gold Tracks.


The Common Tanks are:

-Matilda BP


-AT 15A

-FV4202 (P)


The Rare Tanks are:

-AC 1 Sentinel

-AC 4 Experimental


-Cromwell BP


The Epic Tanks are:



The Artifact Tanks are:

-Light MK. VIC

-Sexton I

-FV201 (A45)


There are a few tanks that didn't have all the files so I couldn't edit them like how I did the rest. The following tanks that had basic skin files are: Matilda BP, Excelsior, TOG II, Light Mk. VIC, and Sexton I. Some also don't have any edited track colors as well, I will dig deeper and in the future see If I can uncover these issues and solve them. Please let me know if you have any errors or problems with these skins as I will try to fix ASAP! Best used on HD.




1) Extract vehicles folder

2) Place the vehicles folder inside:  World of Tanks>res mods>  


After you did that, it should look like this

World of Tanks > Res Mods > >  vehicles > british 



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