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Version 5.3 for World of Tanks

Earlier I only replaced the german teller voice with several voices to let the crews talk themselfes combined with some Fx. Now I have done this also for the american and british crews and made graphical changes for germans in the garage (easy to remove if you don´t like them). To much work and many thousands of hours lay behind this final version.


The battle of Kursk

Recent changes

I have now added a third groan (or pant) sound from the loader when pushing in heavy grenades. You will ofcourse hear it also with small tanks but the main idea is when playing with tanks or TD´s in tier VIII to X.


Download and open the RK-5.3+ file. Read all 4 notepad documents to not miss anything essential. When you have extracted res_mods to your World_of_Tanks folder then start up the game and go to sound options. Set "Voice messages in battle" to National.

To hear the voices and sound effects exactly like I hear them you shall change your volume settings to the ones below and then ofcourse balance your loudspeaker or headset volume to a level you feel comfortable with.

Interface (main) = 97
Voice Notifications = 95
Vehicles = 63
Effects = 95
Ambience = 95
Explanation of the different laughters during battle:
  • A pretty short laughter means that you have damaged a module and/or possibly wounded a crew member. If you hit the same tank again another short laughter means that you have damaged another module or wounded another crew member. A long more joyful laughter means that you have made the enemy tank to catch fire.


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