Lycan_Knight's RedVsBlue SoundPack (Voice/Music) 9.14 broke it :(

3,815 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 20, 2015 Game Version: Update 9.10

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Tanks. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



UPDATE:::: 9.14 ..... sadly we have come to a major problem here..... Their latest update has changed the effective way sound files are used. So sadly this file is no longer effective :'( 4 years (almost 5 in total)..... and Wargaming's update has ended it.

The updated edition of the voices is the "RvB_3_20_2015" .zip file. The other ones are older for those not interested in the remade variation! Have fun everyone!


Woo! I can't believe it's been alive this long :) It may have gone inactive a couple times but to my knowledge (and testing) This music/sound mod still work perfectly fine (I assure you! but there's a slight change in how the mods will work...)

:) I can't believe this mod has worked since 2012! Back in.... jeeze.... 7.X is when i first started making this mod and made it public in 8.2 i believe to just a few of my friends to try out. They then suggested this site and it's been here since :)


(if you are new to modding look at these instructions for basic help :) )

How to use mods:

1: go into World of Tanks\Res

2: copy the audio and GUI files

3: back out into the main World of Tanks file

4: Go into World_of_Tanks\Res_Mod

5: go into the current update file (will be numbered. currently the file is 9.13)

6: paste the Audio and GUI files into World_Of_Tanks\Res_Mods\9.13 (most mods involving GUI changes will come with the GUI folder however.)

To install this voice mod:

1: open the zip folder containing your voice mod (should be named ingame_voice with two files, one is an FSB and one is an FEV file.) and extract the two files.

2: copy the FEV and FSB files

3: go into your World_Of_Tanks\Res_mods\9.13\audio

4: paste the two files from the zip file into the audio folder

5: replace the ones within the folder with the ones you copied (if it asks you to replace hit yes in other words...)

6:start World of Tanks, if you already did before installing this mod you'll need to sign out and re-open the WoT patcher (where the big "PLAY" button is) and sign back in. If you do not shut the game down completely and re-log the voices will not work until you do.


Why did i make this mod?::::

  • dieing immediately several games in a row
  • team failure
  • lag spikes causing game crashes
  • total infuriation overall.

So, i decided "why not combine the two things i love together?"

The ultimate stress relief! Now the comedy relief of Rooster-Teeth's "Red Vs Blue" is jam-packed into your tank as you rumble through megatons of steel!

The best combination of sound for this mod is setting all but general volume and "voice" sliders to 11. the voice and general volume sliders stay at 100. there are many low-volume sound clips within this mod so please keep that in mind.

NOW WITH MUSIC MOD! this one is for the voices and music. it's an updated video showing both mods in action at MAXIMUM QUALITY. Although the games i encounter are...less than steller.


Turn your volume gauges to 11 (these clips tend to be low at times since it relies heavily on when in the season they were taken. So sometimes clips will play softer than others.)

Leave your General Volume and Voice Volume at 100%*

If you are unsure of the mod working you can use the little audio "test" button next to where you can choose the tank crew speech.

Also, if you have it set to national voices YOU WILL NOT HEAR THE MOD. It's a rather odd thing really... but it happens. :/

For more information....

If you'd like to know more information on this mod, and beta mods if you're lucky, contact me on my skype:

xxxblackscythexxx Or drop a forum post! :D (not sure how this works but hopefully it'll send me notifications of people posting lol)


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