Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

Last Updated: May 26, 2016 Game Version: Update 9.15



Dec 28, 2013

Owner: maverickblue

05/26 - Updated for 9.15

Confirmed that no updates are required this patch, mod works as is with paths updated to reflect new version. While waiting for the upload to be approved, it can be downloaded directly from here:

All new improvements for 9.13

Now many more eye candy options are disabled, which should result in a noticeable FPS boost. Faster computers will see a bigger increase of course, but I know that those of you who insist for some reason on playing the game with 15-20fps(or less) appreciate everything you can get. For me, with all graphics turned down and view range maxed, I go from 50-70fps to 70-100 average(with occasional dips or spikes when the action gets busy onscreen). Using the improved renderer, both ranges are about 15% lower for me. You may see less of an increase, or you may see more, but you should see something.

Also by me, new Clan Message Center mod!

Also by me, my new Clan Message Center! Stop chasing after clan mates to let them know what's going on, now they can get an in-game notification as soon as they open up the game!

See here for more details:

Mav's Clan Message Center

Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

Mav's Ultra Fog Remover


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