Hetumoger's Girl Mod WOT 9.17

8,487 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 19, 2016 Game Version: Update 9.15

It's an World of Tanks Mod Pack, which change your game's gui and voice to erotic (not porn) style.

It's contains the following:


  • girl crew in all nations (various in hangar and barrack)
  • metal styled windows
  • red cursor
  • girl styled loading icon
  • new stronghold map
  • girl styled platoon window
  • login screens with erotic girls
  • after battle statistic
  • some new button style
  • reworked ranks


  • battle loading screens with erotic girls, and with tactical minimap
  • battlefield styled ribbons
  • sixth sense girl (if use XVM)
  • reworked girl voice pack
  • girls on the battle statistic window (tab key)


  • Extract the Hetumoger to the World of Tanks main folder


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