Grandpa's Visibility and Lighting Mod

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2016 Game Version: Update



Mar 9, 2013

Owner: arasgrandpa

This mod does three things:

  1. Removes the "bloom", in 0.8.0 WG added "bloom" to the lighting, this removes it making the lighting softer and less harsh
  2. Removes the "fog of war", actually just the fog at the outer reaches of the visible map
  3. Enhances the lighting for the maps, makes them brighter, with less darkening
  4. Increases visibility range

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Arasgrandpa's Mods

  • I make, modify, compile, these mods for my own personal in game use. They change the game interface to look like I want it to look. I place them here for others to download and use if they so desire.
  • They are NOT "one size fits all" and will not please everyone. If you like them use them, if not, delete them.
  • You are free to customize or modify any of them, its your interface make it like you want. But DO NOT ask me to customize them specifically for you, or ask for details on how to customize them. If you are familiar with mods and xml, you can probably figure it out. I will attempt to correct bugfixes in the mods, as soon as practical.


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