Grandpa's Damage and HitLog (No XVM)

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Multiple versions: Graphics and Text

This mod adds a Damage Log (who you hit) and a HitLog (who hit you) to the standard Damage Panel configuration. Will also work with many of the custom damage panel configurations such as Gambiter and Kokabg. See here for additional damage panels 


For - reload timer removed, WG has made the reload timer an illegal mod, therefore it is removed to keep the mod legal.

NEW FOR 0.9.16 -Graphics Version Only

Now with three (2) options Graphics and Text.  To install move/copy the res_mods directory from the option of your choice into the World of Tanks game directory.


The Graphics Log is shown in this image and it is the DEFAULT for the install from this archive. To convert to the Text Only version, rename res_mods/configs/DamageLog directory to DamageLog_Graphics and rename the DamageLog_Text to DamageLog


  • To install, move the res_mods folder from the verrsion of your choice in the archive file into the World of Tanks game directory.
  • Font installation, install the fonts in the font folder of the archive it not already installed. Right click on font and choose install.


  •  Graphics Version ONLY
  • LEFT CONTROL + Arrow keys move the small panel
  • RIGHT CONTROL + Arrow key move the Detail (lower) panel
  • OR CTRL + grab with mouse cursor and move to desired location

Graphics Version:


Text Version



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