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Mar 5, 2013

Owner: arasgrandpa


Since game version 0.9.10, the models changed for the HD content and the older models stopped working. Since many of these were model changes, they now don't work. The new upload is new skins for the new models. Now on maps with a lot of civilian cars and trucks, these are replaced by camo or repainted vehicles and weapons to provide a more military look and feel. So it you want a little more military looking and less civilian looking, this mod is for you.

This is a collection of my content mods. They are re-paints or skins for the static content on many of the WoT maps.

I have added color to make them more visible, camo to give a military look, and decals to identify country.

I will continue to research the ability to change models for a different look and feel.

Please Review Change Log for Details

Mod doesn't conflict with most other interface mods.

Combined with the following to make a complete custom interface for WoT:

Give it a try and the next time your team is way ahead, tour the map and see how many mods you can spot

Arasgrandpa's WoT Skins and Mods

  • I make, modify, compile, these mods for my own personal in game use. They change the game interface to look like I want it to look. I place them here for others to download and use if they so desire.
  • They are NOT "one size fits all" and will not please everyone. If you like them use them, if not, delete them.
  • You are free to customize or modify any of them, its your interface make it like you want. But DO NOT ask me to customize them specifically for you, or ask for details on how to customize them. If you are familiar with mods and xml, you can probably figure it out. I will attempt to correct bugfixes in the mods, as soon as practical.


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