Dispersion Reticle

Updated and completely reworked mod that adds additional circle displaying fully focused dispersion of a gun.

Original idea by StranikS_Scan, completely reworked by me.

Also, over time, this mod now contains following mutually compatible mods:

  • Focused reticle
  • Server reticle
  • Hybrid reticle (smooth combination of client and server reticle)
  • Reticle Size (adjustment in config file)

Basic reticlesExtended reticles


All of those features can be enabled/adjusted independently.

They are also compatible with "Use server aim" from in-game option.

Focused reticle:

  • adds green reticle displaying fully focused dispersion alongside other reticles

Server reticle:

  • adds purple server-side reticle alongside with client-side reticle

Hybrid reticle:

  • adds green reticle displaying current server-side dispersion to client-side reticle
  • useful if you want to know server-side dispersion, but still want client-side responsiveness

Extended variants of above reticles

  • have much more customization options
  • visually inspired by AwfulTanker's Server Marker

Reticle size

  • controlled by "reticle-size-multiplier" option
  • WG's displayed reticle dispersion is noticeably bigger than actual gun dispersion
  • it was discovered by Jak_Attackka, StranikS_Scan and others
  • by this setting you can scale it to actual displayed dispersion
  • good known values:
  • 1.0 (default "wrong" WG dispersion)
    • 0.5814 (factor determined by me)
    • 0.5848 (factor determined by Jak_Attackka, StranikS_Scan and others)



Mod is not obfuscated and it's source code is on Github repository.

Forum feedback is located in this thread on forum.

You can also:


All features from config file are reloadable on-the-fly using CTRL + P hotkey in the game anywhere.

This mod also supports Mod Configurator by IzeBerg allowing for configuring
this mod using its GUI in garage.


  • Copy "DispersionReticle.wotmod" file (and optionally other *.wotmod files) extracted from zip into "[WoT game directory]/mods/[version]/" directory
  • Run a game with mod installed to generate default config file
  • Adjust config to your liking
  • Reload it in-game whenever you want by using CTRL + P hotkey
  • (with Mod Configurator) Open button with "<>" icon in garage and find DispersionReticle section to configure mod

Full config file location: [WoT game directory]/mods/configs/DispersionReticle/config.json

Use some text editor (preferably Notepad++) to edit config file.


Thanks to:

  • IzeBerg - for cool GUI configuration API
  • POLIROID - for ModsListAPI
  • shuxue - for Russian translations
  • yinx2002 - for Chinese translations
  • Kurzdor - for occasional help


This mod IS NOT compatible with other mods with similar features as mine.

Current known incompatible mods:

  • AwfulTanker's Server Marker (and other similar)
  • Jak_Atackka's Fix Reticle Size (and other similar)

Use preferred options from above features for similar functionality instead.

However, it should be compatible with any crosshair mods that changes how crosshair or reticle looks like.


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