Battle Loading Background Screens

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Battle Loading Background Screens, show the maps and the various battle types while battle is loading.


To INSTALL: Copy mods folder to World of Tanks game folder.


Configure Tips in the Battle Loading Screen as below (minimap)



Battle Loading Screen with Strategy Map as a tip



Minimap with Artillery and TD recommended locations

General Information

Shows mini maps on each background screen while the battle is loading.

One map is the in-game map (lower right corner) the others are high resolution views of the available battle types (Standard, Assault, Encounter)

Background is a zoomed out shot from the game

New Features:

Key Terrain and Avenues of Approach - now contains a minmap with the key terrain and avenues of approach highlighted. These are the ones most mused during battles, at least as experienced by me during my 18,000 battles.

Please see Screenshot Images for a graphic view.

Topo Maps added, thanks to Tomanuv for the nice naps.

  • WHITE=Avenue of Approach: An air or ground route of an attacking force of a given size leading to its objective or to key terrain in its path.
  • RED=Key Terrain: Some terrain feature (natural or manmade) which, if controlled, will give a marked advantage to whoever controls it. Often selected for use as battle positions or objectives
  • GREEN=Typical artillery and sniper hides

Key or decisive terrain must be controlled, not necessarily occupied. It may be controlled by either fires or maneuver.


  • a bridge over an unfordable river which gives access to the opposite shore without requiring an assault crossing.
  • a level clearing in rough terrain which is the only accessible landing field for airmobile operations
  • if you identify only one valid avenue of approach to the command's objective, then the choke points on that avenue will probably become key terrain

Information is based on my observance for over 20,000 battles and is typical, not complete, your experience may be different.

More information on this and Arasgrandpa's Mod Compilation can be found at Grandpa's Skins and Mods


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