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YetAnotherCombatMod (YACM) helps you manage your Mouse Look options from one menu.



Type /yacm to open the settings menu.

  • Conveniently manage all your Mouse Look keybindings from the same menu.
  • Bind your left, right, middle mouse buttons as well as mouse buttons 4 and 5 to different actions (Action Skills 1 through 8, Gadget, Path abilities, Directional Dash and Toggle Auto Run).
  • Automatically target units you mouse over when mouse is locked. Alternatively, you can use a target key to target the current mouse over unit.

Note: Mouse Look must be enabled from the Controls menu in the game's options.

Disclaimer: This addon only modifies the THIRD keybind option of any action, which is used for the Mouse Look mode.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mouse Look mode is not working, how do I enable it?

You have to enable Mouse look from Carbine's Controls menu before you can use any of the keybindings set with this addon. In API 11 Carbine has removed the functions to manually enable/disable Mouse Look so at the moment there is no alternative.

  • Where do I aim to target enemies? Can you add a crosshair option?

You can target enemies if you aim at the centre of your screen (somewhere near your character's head) which is a little uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this position is currently locked by the API.

  • Toggle Key/Target Key/Mouse Actions are not working. Help!

Addons that use the Mouse Lock feature or frequently access and modify keybinds may interfere with this addon. If a basic feature is not working check if you have installed any addons that may be doing similar things with keybindings.



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