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Currently keeps track of dailies you can do for reputation, daily data ration and crafting vouchers.

What to do for WhatToDo to work:

Simply run /wtd.

How it works:

It uses a list of player discovered quests and a custom list to show quests which are not yet discovered. The list also improves information on the quests (which path it is specific to, which profession it belongs to). That's why I need your data to improve it. See Request at the bottom.

It has a few minor caveats:

  • If you've already done the quests, they will appear in the UI before the first reset it encounters. There is no API for getting completed quests. See Tips on how to solve this.


  • You can enable Show IDs in the options and do /wtdf <questId>. Example: /wtdf 7468.

Planned Features:

  • Localization.


  • WildStarNasa for GeminiGUI, GeminiConfig and GeminiAddon.


  • If you happen to have any [NEW] quests in your UI, please send their IDs over so I can take a look at them and add the extra data needed for them to be amazing. Thanks!
  • I'd love help with Locale as I can't gather all the quest names by myself. Thanks!

Known Issues:

  • The configure window doesn't save position. I shall try and bug GeminiConfig's author about it.


  • Give a shout to @Therzok on Twitter or Therzok on Ravenous EU.


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