Personal and Raid Death Reporting



  • Displays n amount of recent incoming attacks (20 by default)

  • Keeps Track of incoming healing from passive self heals to other players heals.

  • If the option to Announce is set, WhatHappened will inform your party that you died, and to what for x amount of dmg and the type of damage
  • Nice neat window automatically attached to the ChatLog

  • Color Settings: change the color of the Ability, Healing, Attacker, and Dmg

  • Death Announcement - similar to Fatality from WoW ( working on party member announcements)

Known Issues:

1.) total dmg not adding up to max health or way over. - this on is interesting, will need further testing.(looking into this now)


Recommended Addons

NexusFire - GTFO Clone for Wildstar

JunkIt - Sells Your Junk 

SpaceStash - Amazing inventory / bank replacement


Special Thanks

to Sinaloit and all the other ppl in the IRC channel for all the help !


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