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This is a simple addon that keeps track of recent gear you've salvaged. I made this after I couldn't find an item in my inventory and started wondering if I'd accidentally salvaged it recently.



  • /wdis - outputs the 10 most recent salvaged pieces of gear.
  • /wdisclear - clears the saved salvage information.


The output is:

ItemName | ItemType | ItemQuality | TimeSinceSalvaged


In practice, this looks like:

Phageborn Laser Pistols | Pistols | Purple | 22 minutes and 10 seconds ago.


Only weapons, armor, and other gear items (gadgets, implants, etc.) are tracked. Other salvaged items are ignored.


There are currently no options or other settings. It's intended to be a simple, lightweight addon to fulfill one purpose. If enough people do request additions, I'll look into expanding the functionality.


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