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Provides a flexible way to create notifications about your abilities state.


/watcher - open configuration window

Things can be watched:
  • Health - percents and pts.
  • Focus (MP) - percents and pts.
  • Shields - percents and pts.
  • Spell availability
  • Cooldown time
  • Combat state
  • Action Set
  • Specials (Critical Hits, Critical Heals, Deflects)
  • Spell Charges
  • Class Resources
  • Buff / Debuff existance (for player / target / focus)
Some Examples:

I'm playing medic character, so example will be about medic's abilities, but you can easily modify it for you needs.

I want to see when my Collider ability is ready to use! So we will setup some notifications for it.

On initial launch Watcher's window looks like this:

At first we should Add new rule, click Add:

Now we should select Collider ability from dropdown list:

Our notification icon is already appear at the middle of screen:

You can move or resize it, by checking "Unlock Icons" checkbox:

But we dont want to see this icon all time, we want to see when ability is available! So lets add "Availability" filter:

Availability filter will appear in filters list:

With default "Availability" settings, notification icon will be hidden if ability is in cooldown. (dont forget to uncheck "Unlock Icons" or icon will not dissapear)

Now lets be prepared for the moment when ability become ready, so lets add another filter "Time" and setup filter settings like this:

Now notification icon will appear when cooldown time will be lesser that 3 second, and icon will be 40% opacity until ability become available:



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