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What it does:
Track Kill targets for Achievements, Lore items, Quest items, and Harvestable Resource Nodes nearby the user
What  it tracks:

  • Kill Achievements targets: Track targets from the Kill achievements. Can show or hide those that you already killed based on option. Should be future proof (meaning that any new rare should be automatically tracked)
  • World bosses
  • Resource Nodes: Track resource nodes. can show only harvestable nodes, or all nodes based on options
  • Lore: Track lore items (Datacubes, Tales keys, lore entries)
  • Discovery nodes
  • Quests Targets and Collectibles
  • Quests givers (Can show regular quests and/or daily based on options)
  • Challenges location (range 250m)
What it will track (soon (tm)):
  • Challenges items/targets
  • Path quests and nodes
  • more as I think of them...


  • Option to hide the window when nothing is found to track
  • Option to remove the Challenges location range limit to map wide 

Up to date to API 16.  If you find any issues please leave a comment or submit a bug ticket.

 To install the mod, copy the zip file to %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\addons and extract them.