Surls Group Builder

4,155 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 28, 2015 Game Version: API 11

Surls Group Builder is an Autoinviter. This Addon can invite other Players by Invitecode. The Only Channel ist the Guild Channel for the Moment. In later Versions i will add further Features.


Features are:

  1. Invite Guildmates simlpy by an Invitecode.
  2. Templates, which u can save
  3. Auto Raid - Converting Group into Raid for you
  4. Free Editable Promo Text for your Group
  5. Security Lock for posting Messages in Guild Channel accidentally.
  6. Case Sensitive/Non Case Sensitvite Matching of Invitecode
  7. Nice Interface

Planned Features are:

  1. Roledependent invites 
  2. More Settings and Possibilities in kind of using the Invitecode (More Channels)
  3. Timed Statusupdates written in Guildchannel ( so Guildmates should know simply for what u searching for)
  4. Bugfixes :D (its a Feature ... believe me)

 The Slashcommand to start SGB is /sgrpinv 

For newest Features check Beta Channel of this Addon


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