Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 Game Version: API 9


Mar 21, 2014

Owner: CasstielCupcake


As of F2P launch of Wildstar, Steer is no longer viable since Carbine removed from their API the ability to lock the mouse, which is essential for Steer to do it's job.  Wildstar did introduce a mouselook functionality, so you will want to try that out under Options > Controls > Automatic Mouse Look [Beta]


Thanks to all cupcakes that used the addon!


Steer will engage Wildstar's native Mouse Lock functionality that pans the camera by mouse movement.  By binding the forward movement with the mouse lock, we can achieve a "steering" function by pushing the middle mouse button and moving the mouse.  While the addon senses your character moving, the Mouse Lock will engage.  If the addon senses your character has stopped, it will disengage the mouse lock.

You can optionally select from two modes of operation:  manual or automatic.  You can manually toggle the mouse lock via a number of methods including single LMB click, double LMB click, or a keypress of your choosing.

NEW!  You can bind forward movement to ANY mouse button.  This is currently disallowed in the Carbine stock keybinding add-on, so it may come to pass Carbine "patches" this later.  So, for now, enjoy! 

NOTE!  This is not a "click-to-move" function, movement is triggered by holding your forward movement keybind (or optionally the middle mouse button) and steering is enabled by simply moving the mouse.

IMPORTANT!  This addon will likely not behave well with DeadlockExt or any other addon that attempts to manage the Mouse Lock functions.


If you wish to bring up the options window, just type /steer .  You can bind the middle mouse button to forward movement and engage the mouse lock, or you can just engage the mouse lock upon character movement.  Finally you can optionally maintain the mouse lock during combat even when your character is stationary.