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StatHUD is designed to be an easy no-setup HUD for stats important to your role.  You can toggle between DPS, Healer, Tank, PVP DPS, PVP Healer,  or PVP Tank.  

Click the [>] button to switch between roles.  



Use /stathud to show or hide the statHUD.


Window position, window visibility, and role should be remembered each time you reloadUI or the game client.  


Please let me know if there are stats you think should be displayed or removed!


This is the initial release with core functionality... that UI I have created is subject to change.


Planned Features:

  • Set Base Stats
  • Optional Glow/Change Color if stat is buffed or debuffed from base
  • Optional sounds if stat is buffed or debuffed from base

Written by Sound Byte on Entity (NA)