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SimpleTrack requires the mod TrackMaster to work.

This addon allows you to track anything in the game by its name. For example, if you are a farmer and only wanted to see tracks to Bladeleaf nodes, then this mod will do that for you. If you wanted to only track a certain mob, lets say "Razorbeak Ripper", then this mod will do that for you.

The mod is controlled via chat commands. At this time, there is currently no GUI for the mod; however, I'm working on a new version with a GUI, so expect that soon! (I'll make sure chat commands still work too) Type /st or /simpletrack in game to get a list of commands. Alternatively, see below:

/st or /simpletrack 
Displays the current status of the mod and available commands.

/st enable
Enables SimpleTrack.

/st disable
Disables SimpleTrack.

/st target X or /st t X
Sets the target name to track. This is not case sensitive. If no target is provided, it will output what is currently being tracked.

/st status
Displays status information. Is SimpleTrack enabled? And is it tracking anything?

/st clear
Clears the target.

To-do List

  • Add a GUI
  • Create list functionality so that multiple things may be tracked
  • Hotkey to track your current target and maybe hotkeys for other things? 

Thanks and enjoy! And thank you to Jamez226 for making TrackMaster! :)


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