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Important note for the Strain Ultradrop patch: Carbine have made a change to the location on disk where addon data is stored, so if you're suddenly seeing no items in the list, please visit the following forum post and follow the instructions there:

Short Circuit is an addon designed to allow you to save specific configurations of circuit board layouts (armoursmith, weaponsmith, tailor, outfitter), and later re-craft the same item with a single click.

Basic usage instructions:

  1. To begin, start crafting an item you want the addon to remember. Once you've placed your chips and picked the core, you should see a "(+)" button to the right of the crafting window. Pressing this will allow you to save the current configuration. You can also give it a description so you can more easily identify it later (such as "Refined Core, 12 Grit, 10 Finesse").

  2. Press the button on the tradeskills window (or type "/sc") to bring up the list of saved schematic configurations. Choose the item you want to craft, then hit the "Craft" button. All being well, this will then craft the item for you. Note that as some schematics have a random locked chip, it's possible that the game will choose one of the ones in the saved configuration for this locked slot. If this happens, you'll see a message stating you can't use duplicate chips, and be prompted to either complete the craft manually, or to choose a variant of the same item that you've saved that wouldn't cause a duplicate.

Known Issues:

  • More validation is required, such as checking if you're casting, or checking for errors from the craft attempt;
  • More complex crafts haven't been tested yet (as I'm not quite high enough to do so at the moment) such as those with random procs, or multiple chips in a single line. I'm hopeful they'll work but can't be sure at present;
  • The scrollbar heights act a bit wonky at times;
  • Number craftable in the grid doesn't update unless the window closes and re-opens or something causes the grid to refresh (such as a search or sort);
  • Saving a configuration doesn't update the grid unless the window closes and re-opens or something causes the grid to refresh (such as a search or sort);

If anyone uses it and finds other issues, please let me know (preferably with a stack trace if available).

Future Development:

More polish, validation and a few features mainly. The main features I'd like to add are:

  • A quick "craft again" button which will simply attempt to repeat the last craft you made manually without having to save it as a configuration;
  • Possibly bulk/batch crafting (though this may be problematic with the random locked chips). I'm hesitant to add this as bulk crafting isn't really the aim of the addon, the aim was always to save known "good" items with maxed stats, and easily remake them, rather than making lots of junk items to salvage or vendor. I will likely implement it at some point, though will need to consider the ramifications (such as if a different coloured chip is chosen, and the efficiency of the slot is affected, could it cause the item to overcharge and possibly fail?)

If this code helps anyone who wants to do anything similar, please feel free to use it in any way you see fit, though bear in mind that while I'm an experienced programmer, this is my first real foray into lua and WildStar addon development, so the code is likely inefficent and bizarre.


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