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Scrappy v2.0 is a massive update to the amazing replacement for the default salvaging addon! It lists all salvageable items in your inventory and allows you to filter them by quality, type or just ignore items you want to keep forever completely. Now features brand new UI, and support for MrFancyPants equipment manager as well, so when you enable the MrFancyPants filter option, it will automatically ignore all gear that is included in a gear set!

Updated to more closely mirror the new default salvage window, and increase convenience of use. Why should I use Scrappy now that Carbine themselves have made the default Salvage system so similar you ask?

Things that Scrappy v2.0 does that the new Carbine salvage window doesn't do:

  • Update the salvage list as your inventory changes, and doesn't automatically close any time you click anything else or have a change to your inventory! (Why do this Carbine?)
  • One-Click Salvage Tool! Don't need to select items and click "Salvage Item" while this mode is activated, located on the upper right corner between the Options and Salvage Log buttons!
  • Allow list filtering and blacklisting of items, including MrFancyPants gear set support!
  • Customizable size and lockable window
  • Salvage History Log, see what you destroyed, when you did, and what you got from it!
  • Vendor Prices of items are also displayed on Salvage List items.
  • Sleek UI design built to be minimalistic, non-invasive, and matches SpaceStash inventory addon!


Check out the Change-log!


  • Click the Salvage button in your inventory or type /scrappy to toggle open.
  • Mouse over the item in the list to see a comparison tooltip, and left click to select that item for salvage operations.
  • Click the "Salvage Item" button to salvage the currently selected item.
  • Right click an item in the list to add it to your ignore list or click the little blue lock on the top right of an item to add it to your ignore list.
  • One-click salvage mode tool! Activating this button located near the options and log buttons will allow you to salvage the item right on the list instead of needing to select the item and then clicking the salvage button on the bottom of the window. Two flavors of salvaging to try out!
  • Click the "Clear Ignored" button, visible while in salvage mode, to reset your non-filter ignored items.
  • Click the "Clear Log" button, visible while in salvage log mode, to clear your salvage history.
  • Click the little red lock on the top left hand corner of the window to lock the window's position and size, click again to unlock!
  • Click wrench options icon to access filter settings, including MrFancyPants filter.


  • Make ignore list editable so individual items can be removed rather than clearing entire list.
  • Consider adding sorting options for Salvage window.
  • Improve display of Salvage Log
  • Add window locking mechanism
  • Add more clarification of dual-tooltip issue
  • Consider adding a "disable log" feature.
  • Consider adding window "styles" to allow it to better fit themes other than SpaceStash

Known Bugs:

  • Crafted Items and random stat drops will not properly store information on the Salvage Log. This is currently not avoidable, and is the same reason that the Inspect doesn't always work right, and the same reason your items sometimes turn into stat-less white items! Unfortunately with the level of customization provided by random/customizable base mod stats AND rune slots AND power core quality levels, there are thousands of versions of every item, and the API doesn't currently have a method of retrieving this custom information to store and retrieve it, so all it can recall is the base item ID...