SCastBar Plus

5,315 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 28, 2015 Game Version: API 11

SCastBar Plus

SCastBar Plus is a customizable cast bar replacement for Wildstar, forked from the popular SCastBar addon from eXTrag  (all credit goes to him for the original sourcecode). 


How to Use/Configure

The configuration menu can be accessed from the ESC menu or through the entering the command "/scast" into the chat box.

The ColorPicker addon is required to alter bar colors through the in-game menu.



  • Custom user profiles
  • Fully movable/re-sizable bars
  • Latency tracking
  • Customizable bar colors/textures/text colors (Requires ColorPicker)
  • Focus/target of target/cluster cast tracking
  • Custom "Tap to Cast" bars
  • Target bars can be recolored by hostility
  • IA/Interrupt tracking
  • MoO tracking (NEW!)
  • Spell icons


To-Do List

  1. Add texture type and text color support to MoO tracking
  2. Add full charge texture/animation/color settings
  3. Extend text customization
  4. Improve source code documentation


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